All Stakeholders Are Important

Lead your philanthropic efforts and community engagement strategy from a position of knowledge and information gained by participating in the Donor Attitude Study and Survey.

Engage Key StakeholdersAsk for Input
Share Results to Earn TrustUse Study Findings and Results
Engage Healthcare Donor Prospects to Grow Your Base

An engaged community supporting both philanthropic
and institutional goals is fundamental.

Initial Discussion Group:  We begin your Study by bringing select stakeholders together to share their philanthropic values, motivations and preferences which drive their relationship with your institution.   Participants are selected from donors, prospects, grateful patients, employees, volunteers, program attendees and community partners.  Those participants which most directly impact philanthropy, increase community engagement, and those familiar with institutional goals will represent your unique focus group.

Discussion Focus:  Based upon focus group discussions, a custom Attitudinal Survey for Healthcare Philanthropy addressing your specific issues and opportunities is drafted.  From discussions of relevant issues and consideration of actionable opportunities, a final questionnaire with your logo and branding is circulated for approval.  The survey for healthcare philanthropy is most often distributed electronically following the institution’s processes, with mail and phone survey modes available when warranted.

Healthcare giving survey leads to prospects and conversations

Participating in the Donor Attitude Study
stimulates immediate giving and lasting commitment.

Drafting the Attitudinal Survey for Healthcare Philanthropy: Your custom healthcare donor attitude survey is drafted and distributed to your community of advocates.  Among much else, the questionnaire is designed to rank core motivators which have been shown to significantly impact “willingness to give/promote/refer.”

Unique Narratives:  Your stakeholder group descriptions include a ranking of programs and events, assessment of communication effectiveness, as well as a ranking of philanthropic goals and awareness of institutional achievements.  Respondents rate how well they perceive each of these activities are performed in an “importance/performance” format, which can assist in allocating resources to philanthropic priorities.  With carefully integrated questions and advanced analytics, we are able to identify likely donor and attendee cohorts, and provide unique “narratives” to craft your development messaging and program marketing.

Healthcare giving donor survey results earn trust and credibility

Identifying important cohorts within your
community defines effective philanthropic strategies.

Being Heard:  Stakeholders appreciate being heard.  Openly sharing survey results–both the good and not so good–is a great way to let your community of advocates know their voice is important to you.

Establishing Your Credibility:  Previous Study participants indicate their donors, prospects and community supporters feel more engaged in your philanthropic process when you ask for their input.  They indicate increased trust in your institution after Study findings and survey results are shared.  In every case, they are ready for more communication.  In sharing Study findings, trust and transparency is established especially with donors and prospects.

Insights of healthcare philanthropy donor motivation analysis used in development communication and program event marketing.

Learn more about our proven and cost effective Study
process and how others have benefited.

Stakeholder Impact:  The impact key stakeholders see they have in crafting your plans and actions fosters a culture of inclusion and appreciation.  An enhanced level of trust is created when you update philanthropic goals and programming based on Study findings and survey results provided by donors, prospects and others in your community of advocates.

Stakeholder Motivation:  Listening and taking action based upon stakeholder opinion and input broadens participation by all stakeholders.  A transformational level of connectedness begins to happen within your community of advocates as they see their opinion really does matter.   The peer reviewed process of the Study lends credibility to your plans among colleagues and administrators.   For information on specific findings and results go to Study Findings and Survey Results. 

Expand your community based fundraising strategy with reliable insights and data on your advocates and donors.Get the attention of your advocates by asking their opinions on healthcare philanthropy values, perceptions and preferences. 
Specific stakeholder group are driving philanthropic opportunities and other cohorts reveal their support for select programs and events.Use demographic data and attitudinal insights from the Study to target your messages.


Join the Donor Attitude Study

Study participants follow a peer reviewed process to identify special issues among stakeholder groups, develop a custom healthcare philanthropy survey, and discuss implications of Study findings and survey results. This timeline includes roles and responsibilities for completing the Study. Click the download link below.

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